Hello Beautiful People!

I apologize for the slowly moving website, but I have reviews coming as well as photoshoots and behind the scenes fun!!

Today I wanted to share my journey of self care and self love, as well as give the list of my favorite products for skin care, hair care, and body care thus far.

Loving myself has never been a given. From childhood through my teenage years it was a constant battle between me and myself. I was unhappy, I felt different, the typical “outsider” thoughts and feelings.

It was only until the last 2 years that I started to engage in the positive change which has carried me to where I am today, and will continue to carry me into who I want to be tomorrow.

Modeling was the first step for me.

Modeling was my incentive. Once I realized the love I had for being not only behind a camera, but in front of it, I knew it was time to step my game up OR fall behind and never reach my dream.

I had acne, an un-toned body, dry skin, and uncontrollable hair. These things were always insecurities to me, but having the motivation to work on them opened up an entirely new me. It was not so much the fact they would be gone one day, but I started to do face masks, drink water, exercise, I stopped drinking, I quit smoking cigarettes, and in the end I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Knowing how good I felt, and as a result of my own will to take action, it was one of the most rewarding feelings in my life.

No matter what you do, it is always key to do it for YOU, no one else.

Maintaining a healthy life style once seemed foreign to me:

“I cannot afford healthy food.”

“I will never have time to get to the gym.”,

“I am never gonna do a skin care routine that’s a lot of work!” 

These were all thoughts that consumed me. I suffer from a few diagnosed mental illnesses, and I am not ashamed! One of these is severe depression, self care and self love are interconnected and beautiful remedies to ease the burden of inevitable sadness and negativity depression will bring. Exercise, for one, is a great way to combat the mindset of “sleep all day who cares” and it releases the endorphins that promote the feeling of happiness! Skin care is also a great way to relax. A face mask, a bath with a bath bomb + bath salts, Netflix on the side, they have only left me feeling lush and relaxed, they ease the mind of worry.

Anything is possible. I write about beauty, fashion, and skin care because these are things that have helped change my life for the better, and have proven to be positive interests + influences in my life. I hope with anything you find that makes you happy you can pursue it in a healthy way that allows a stronger bond between you and yourself.

Self love comes from self, no one can grant it to you.


List of KOIQOUISE Recommended Health/Beauty Products 

*this list will be updated regularly, more products to come*


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