One of my first posts on KOIQOUISE was “WE LOVE: NikkiLipstick” back in June. It was about her incredible shop, and since then I have been following her and paying close attention because she truly is a role model and inspiration in all her pink and loveliness.

Nikki Lipstick // @NikkiLipstick

In light of the recent election results there is no better feminists to have at your side then Nikki and all of her kick ass girl friends. They express the belief that love wins over hate and embrace beautiful open minded life values. She brings a positivity to the negativity and communicates a powerful message about girl power, anti-rape culture, and encouragement to all who have been discriminated against in this election.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 6.48.37 AM.png
Nikki Lipstick // @NikkiLipstick

A bonus to her words, she is proud and wears it. Her fashion has always been based in feminine, alternative, and punk/goth style. Her clothing and accessories bare the words that a lot of us are thinking…



Nikki Lipstick // @NikkiLipstick

Nikki’s apparel has even been seen on Trump protesters, which just goes to show that her message is one shared across the nation by women, LGBT, and all other people alike. It is powerful.

cxbs0ucuqaegpov // Satanic Feminist Shirt // @NikkiLipstick
cxbs0ueucaestfo // Satanic Feminist Shirt // @NikkiLipstick

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