I recently decided to ditch the wigs for a bit and go a little more permanent with my hair style! I had never gotten any form of extension, weave, braids, etc. before, but I love french braids and I found the most amazing salon right down the street with an incredible first time offer for “2 french braids”!


I had made the appointment and being completely clueless I asked ahead to make sure I would come with everything I needed. I was told to buy the hair first, then come in with it and they would put it in/do the braids.


This was the first thing to convince me that I should have been doing this all along instead of wigs. I was told they did not have to be the same color as my actual hair, and I went back a few days before to confirm I had the right type of hair: braiding hair. I did!



My appointment was scheduled for after my last class of the day. I went home only briefly and then headed down to the salon. Once I got there I made the decision to use the two colors closest to my natural hair, I figured it was my first time so I would rather be safer than sorry!

Having had extremely naturally curly hair my entire life, salons like ULTA would always charge me around $50 for a wash, blow dry, and straighten. However, when my french braids were being done my hair was washed, blow dried, straightened, lengthened with the braiding hair, and put into two stylish french braids for only $40 + tip! I wanted to cry I was so happy.

That was a first time customers deal but the salon also honors students. So every appointment will be 10% off for me! As a broke student that is the world!


The colors and style are perfect!!!

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