Meet Leah Spencer! She is a soulful wire wrapper, pendant maker, and she can even create colorful dreamcatchers. Her talents go beyond her Etsy shop making her an inspiring artist all around. KOIQOUISE got to interview Leah and learn more about wire wrapping, and the process.

Check Out the Interview Below…


KQ: Hi Leah and Welcome! Can you tell us a little bit about what a wire wrap is and what goes into making them?

LS: A wire wrap by my definition is a piece of wearable art constructed with wire. Typically silver, copper, gold, platinum, etc. Wire wraps are typically built around crystals for proper display but these pieces of art can also feature orgone generators or glass collaborative works. In order to build a wire wrap you need the essentials, such as different gauges of wire, and tools like pliers and clippers. Some artists start with a sketch so they can plan out every wire pull accordingly, which also gives them an idea of how much wire to use so that they don’t have a lot of leftover metal scraps.

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KQ: What is your personal connection to wire wrapping and the other things you make? What makes this your passion?

LS: I love creating in general ! But each piece comes from a very important part of me. A lot of my creations, specifically my wire wraps, are brought into creation by my connecting to the flow. Almost all of my pieces are free flow. Being that, I don’t necessarily have an idea of where it will go or how it will turn out. I love working with crystals, and the best part is making something and having it go to a home where it is truly needed ! I am passionate about helping others as well. 

KQ: How long have you been practicing and how long have you been selling ManipuraCreations?

LS: I started Manipura Creations back in 2010 when I started making hula hoops. When I was thinking of a name for my little business, I thought about where the Manipura chakra (solar plexus/yellow) is on the body. It is in the general area one uses to waist hoop and it also stands for self confidence and personal power of transformation. I started making wire wrapped jewelry in May of 2013.

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KQ: Does each project hold meaning to you? And what are the different meanings/purposes of your favorite crystals or stones?

LS: Each piece that I make is extremely important and meaningful to me. They all have their different vibrations and symbolisms. I love working with moonstone and labradorite. Moonstone acts as a talisman for the inward journey. It will take one deep into the self to find what is missing and bring certain aspects of life to light. It also deflects negativity and provides psychic protection. Labradorite promotes intuition and psychic abilities. It protects against misfortunes of this world, and provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness.

KQ: What have you made so far that you would consider your best creation?

LS: This is a tough question ! I try my hardest to improve with each piece that I make, so maybe my next creation will be my personal best (:

KQ: Finally, do you have any parting words of inspiration or a message you would like to leave the readers with?

LS: Do exactly what makes you happy. Inspire others around you and don’t be afraid to try new things ! You won’t know until you try. Trust your intuition and stay on your true path to happiness. You can bring to light the exact experiences and passions you’ve always wanted.

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