Meet Adrienne! She is a face and body painter, and you can find all of her looks on her Instagram @IgnitedBeauty. Adrienne is truly an inspirational artist, a perfect example of how following your dreams is always the best decision. KOIQOUISE got the chance to ask her a few questions!

Check Out the Interview Below…

Adrienne @IgnitedBeauty

KQ: Hello, and Welcome, Adrienne to the site! I was extremely impressed with your looks on your page, I am so excited to have this opportunity to interview you. Can you tell me a little about how you got interested in body paint and makeup art at first?
IB: Thank you so much for having me! Well, growing up I wanted to get my hands on every kind of art there was, drawing, painting, photography, sculpting, makeup, you name it I tried it. One day I came across someone’s face painting page and I was so inspired that decided I had to give it a try! I did some research online, found other inspiring artists & through a lot if trial & error I finally got the hang of it!
KQ: Have you had any artists before you that are a source of inspiration for you?
IB: My biggest inspiration(s) are the Wolfe brothers, Brian & Nick. They are the ones who peaked my interest from the start, their creativity, clean work & off the wall designs blew me away. I had never seen face painting done the way they did it, my knowledge at the time was what you see done at fairs & carnivals. But they taught me that you can transform yourself into anything and that to me, is art. Other inspirations would include Mykie of Glam and Gore, Jordan Hanz, the list could go on.

Adrienne @IgnitedBeauty

KQ: I noticed that you’ve already started creating scary and incredible body and makeup art! For Halloween what do you suggest is the best makeup/body paint for a creative look like yours?
IB: When I first started back in 2008 I was using the only face paint available in stores near me which is the brand Snazaroo. I used it for quite a while before I decided to quit face painting. Yes, I gave it up for many years until one day I just decided to give it another go. In November of 2015 I purchased my first professional grade makeup kit from Mehron. I’ve been using their paradise AQ paints since & I love them! But, you don’t have to have the best or most expensive products to create faces, I’ve created entire looks using only eyeshadow before. I encourage everyone to give it a try using what you have available to you & work your way up from there!

Adrienne @IgnitedBeauty

4…A lot of artists, probably all, always say practice and you’ll get better. When did you start doing this, and have you seen a huge change from when you first started to now?
IB: When I first got started in 2008 I wasn’t very good, I spent nearly an hour trying to perfect a tiger face that ended up looking more like a cotton candy colored zebra. I slowly progressed with each new design. Eventually I learned how much pressure to apply, which brushes work best for certain things, and what tricks worked best for me. Discovering Instagram was like opening an entire new world for me, when I saw the face paint community I knew I had to pick back up my brushes that I had laid down 7 years prior and really give it my all. Once I started making friends and seeing the impact my art had on others I was so inspired that I couldn’t help but to keep creating. My journey has taught me a lot as an artist but also as a person, the Internet can be a great place but there are also many hateful things that get said & I’ve learned to not let negativity get me down, but to ignore it & just keep doing what I love! 
KQ: What is your favorite look that you’ve done?
IB: I would have to say my clownfish clown. That design really pushed my skills & also really jump started a huge following. I never expected that photo to take off the way it did, a feature page on Instagram shared my video and it got nearly a million views! I was shocked to say the least. Another one of my personal favorites was the deer in the forest I created for a bible verse collaboration with 5 other very talented ladies. That one is near & dear to my heart for many reasons.

Adrienne @IgnitedBeauty

KQ: The last question on a KOIQOUISE Interview is always asking if you have a message, inspirational words or any last words to pass on to the readers?
IB: This is as cliché as it gets but it’s so true… Never give up. If you’re passionate about something, don’t ever let anyone stop you from achieving your goals. Do what makes you happy & sets your soul on fire!

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