I KNOW, I know… The summer season is drawing closer to an end, so sandals aren’t exactly the smartest purchase for this time of year, NONETHELESS, I have always wanted both jelly and platform shoes. These were an obvious yes the minute I saw them and had the money to throw at them:

I ordered these shoes, of course, off of Amazon. Amazon to me is affordable clothes, the variety of my style is always available, and shipping never costs an arm and a leg in comparison to ordering from brands/stores across the world. While Amazon has items available from all ends of the earth, you will always have a choice to pick from a closer location/better price, and so on.

The shoes came in 4-5 days with a few other items (the waist trainer for one!) and opening the box was like I had finally hit the young adult Christmas jackpot.

Something that was a little “iffy” about the ordering process was that the shoe sizes to pick from were not USA Sizing. They included however, a chart that helped you convert each size into US, UK, and more. Me being a 9/9.5 I opted for what would be a size 9, and THANK GOD they came fitting perfectly!


I had originally ordered the shoes for a photoshoot I have coming up, aka the very first look book for #KOIQOUISE! After a few days staring at them, I had to put them on, walk around in them, and embrace them as my new favorite shoes.

I give them a 10/10 Koi Fish from KOIQOUISE!!!

>> LINK to BUY <<


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