Length in Lashes: False, Extensions, and Mascara

It’s common among beauty gurus, makeup lovers, and others alike to enjoy an exaggerated length in eyelashes for any look. There are a few ways to achieve this length, and today I wanted to talk about the 3 most common techniques!

False Eyelashes:

Personally, I love false eyelashes. Nonetheless, glue can get messy and sometimes even ruin an entire makeup look depending on experience with applying falsies.

False eyelashes come in a variety of length, styles, and in costume stores, colors. Some come with adhesive in the packaging, others require you buy the glue separately. So word to the wise…


There is nothing worse than buying 3 pairs, going to out them on, and realizing you cannot.

False lashes are typically affordable, and going with synthetic lashes is a much better choice than mink or real hair lashes, as they abuse animals in the process. (Cruelty Free is the way to go!)


Eyelash Extensions:

Compared to applying false eyelashes and taking them off, over and over again. With eyelash extensions you are offered a long-term, one time application for lengthy lashes,  mess free.

“Applying a full set of lashes takes about two hours, and can be maintained year-round with touch-ups recommended every three to four weeks.”


Just as with flase eyelashes, synthetic options are available and real fur options such as “mink lashes” are not cruelty free and harm animals in the process of making these eyelashes. Save the animals, go cruelty free!

With eyelash extentions there is a way for them to ruin your eyelashes, but proper care can avoid this issue completely. For example: DO NOT REMOVE THEM ON YOUR OWN. The eyelash extensions will either fall out, or you can go to a professional to get them removed.


Eyelash Lengthening Mascara:

I find this last section important, because results truly depend on the user and their eyelash type. Some people are born with thick lashes, some people lack the same volume. Mascara’s come in so many different colors with different brushes, and different promises for the end results. Personally, I find all mascara to be the same, the brushes holding some influence in how they turn out, but nonetheless they all do a similar function resulting in a similar look at the end of the day.

HOWEVER, in my researching I have found for you the brush types that are known to aid in the lengthing of lashes and a few techiniques to get the most out of your mascara.

Here are the common brush types:

via: Michelle Phan


In my experience, the best brushes for length and volume are the curved, thick, and thin mascara brushes. The thin more specifically allows multiple layers, little clumping, and easier eyelash shaping.


*tips, no order, read all*

  • Make sure your eyelashes are clean from previous mascara for best results.


  • Wiggle your brush when applying, starting from the lash line, moving up, in a quick back and forth motion. (This will keep your eyelashes seperate while also moving them up adding length.)


  • Make sure you have little to no excess mascara on your brush, clumps are easily caused by an over saturated brush tip.


  • To avoid getting mascara on your eyelids/eyeshadow use a spoon as a guard from your eyelid area while applying your mascara.


  • While layers are helpful, too many can do just the opposite.
Top 15 Best Mascaras 2016



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