Today is the start of August! Like every new year, however somewhat less significant, a new month marks a new start. For me, this August begins a new scheduled work-out routine, a true start to my morning and night beauty routines, and final preparation for College in the Fall!

What does this new month mean to you?


The month of August is the very start of the transition into the Fall/Autumn Season. One of my favorite things is Autumn colors. Both my skin complexion and eye color are very compatible with them when it comes to fashion and makeup.

The colors become more neutral, soft, and into darker tones.

This month could also mean the end or the close by end of your summer vacation. For those like me it’s the start of school coming up as well. But, do not worry and do not be sad! Back to school fashion is just around the corner, and going back to work could be the start of back to work fashion for some of you as well!


Whatever this August means to you, go into it with an open mind and a determined mind-set to accomplish whatever goals you have set, or whatever is it that you hope to get into this month.

I wish you all the best! – Lil CVCTVS


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