Flight Inspired is a brand with heart. Meanings in every design, on every item, and a mission to please customers like no other! KOIQOUISE got the opportunity to ask a few questions about the shop, the process, and more.

Check Out the Interview Below…

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KQ: Hello Flight Inspired! It is an honor to have the shop on KOIQOUISE, I am so excited to have this opportunity. When was Flight Inspired founded?

FI: Flight Inspired was founded in 2010 an inspiration from the mind of American Designer: Joshua “Flight” Davis. I had started the company on my birthday during December. I’ve wanted to create clothing since I was pretty young, talking 7-8 years old. Back then I was really into JNCO Jeans, which not so surprisingly were huge in the rave scene. My biggest all time inspiration as a clothing maker would have to be Ralph Lauren.

He embodies what it means to be a good designer, good human and live a good life while doing it. I regularly read out of his autobiography for inspiration. My favorite part, would have to be the start when he talks about how he’s still the boy in front of a shops window reaching for something that he can’t have. I think that’s where I try to create from something so beautiful it should be unreachable.

KQ: You offer something worth appreciation which is life time warranty on every item in the shop! What other aspects of Flight Inspired do you think sets the shop apart from the rest?

FI: Our return process, we have it so you get a return label e-mail directly to you, there’s no waiting in line at the post office. We’re always looking for ways to better our customers experience and we wanted to make sure this wasn’t difficult for them. We know standing in line forever at your local post office isn’t fun or convenient, so we’ve used our return system to help alleviate these issues. We also give free gifts in every order varying from stickers, pins, patches, ect.

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@flightinspired Instagram

KQ: Each hat has somewhat of a theme in the threading, would you say there’s a meaning to the stitching?

FI: Definitely there’s a lot of meaning to most of my pieces. Some designs are for fun but most have deeper meanings. Mysticism is huge with me, going off into the unknown has a really special meaning. It’s pretty much how Flight Inspired was started. Back in 2010 I had this huge plan for a year of touring. I really didn’t imagine making most of these stops but piece by piece, step by step I had planned out setup these dreams. With these dreams I just pushed forward, one stop after another I never thought I couldn’t accomplish the next part. I ending up doing 13 festivals, 13 furthur stops and various other events. It was a huge eye opener into what would start to create my future. The experiences I had inspired the clothing you see today, and of course these experiences are still happening. They’re of course inspiring tomorrows designs.

KQ: What is your favorite hat you’ve ever put up in the shop?

FI: Would be really hard to pick, the Spirit Guide has a really special meaning for me. When I was like 18 I had this vision of a Kachina in the woods. Still to this day it was a one of a kind experience. The Spirit Guide is that vision, to see something that’s such an old idea from what seems to be an earlier era being still cherished today, that’s really honorable for me.

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@flightinspired Instagram

KQ: Tons of fans of Flight Inspired can be seen showing off their gear, has anyone tagged Flight Inspired that has shocked or surprised you that they owned something from the store?

FI: Mostly shocked and surprised of our international customers, it seems there’s no where Flight Inspired won’t pop up. We’ve had customers e-mail us saying like they’ve met someone in the middle of no where in South America, Europe, Africa or somewhere off an island at some random local spot. They’ll see someone with a Flight Inspired hat or shirt. For me that’s huge, that’s so mind blowing and I’ll never get over those moments. Otherwise back during Furthur I met this wonderful lady who designed clothing for the back up singer. She was able to get my early Dead-inspired work to Grateful Dead band members Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. That always made me proud, I know they get lots of stuff but that was really special moment for me. They’ve done so much for myself and so many other souls I know, I’m forever grateful for their service in this world.

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@flightinspired Instagram

KQ: Thank you again for answering these questions! Last one is, do you have a message or any final words you would like to leave the viewers at KOIQOUISE with?

FI: Be kind, be loving, enjoy what you have around you and the places you go, as you may never be there again. It’s important to leave your message, your mark, your essence to the world you live in. Smile, say hello to people, life is short, may your nights be long! Stay Inspired KOIQOUISE!



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