Hey guys, its me Lil CVCTVS and this post is about: Body Love.


Body image and self-esteem issues are incredibly common in teens & young adults of every gender (believe it or not some people will put aside the fact that men can feel insecurity too)! When you start to become insecure about one part of you, it tends to spread into a general self-dislike, if not worse, depending on the person.

I decided to write about this topic for two reasons:

  • Self Experience/Knowledge
  • Passing on Lesson’s Learned

The first time I can remember having an issue with my looks was starting around 6th grade. I was pin-pointed and picked on for the silliest of things, yet at the age I was what they were saying was all too accurate in my eyes… and ears. Keep in mind, around 6th grade you’re typically about 12 turning 13, some of the things I was so concerned about HADN’T EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO BE A CONCERN YET. Prime example, at 12 I was picked on for having little to offer in the chest area, but also I was 12 years old, so that was JUST the beginning of puberty into full growth, such nonsense.

A 12 year old girl getting picked on for THAT? I know, but believe it or not it happened, and factors such as bullying, little inter-family communication, and low wealth in comparison to my “friends” only piled on the insecurities as I got older.

I found myself at 18 feeling very confused. Between 12 and 18 I went through it all, diagnosed with health issues such as anxiety, depression, and eventually PTSD I was already feeling down in the dumps, even WITHOUT the added drama of daily teenage life. I had been through multiple schools, boarding schools, and my mom was trying every which way to try and get me back on track. However, it was not until I moved into my first apartment that I really started to grasp the full concept of Self Love.

Moving into my own place gave me this amazing tool: time with myself alone.

When it comes to a negative body image, or image of self, when you are alone it seems like you’re going nuts. For me, my conscious or little cricket in my head guiding me, was always bringing me down, with thoughts like “you aren’t enough” or “you’ll never be worth it”.  If you’ve ever heard the saying “You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.” WELL, here is the hardest part, loving yourself. Having a positive outlook on yourself and your body by no means indicates you must be arrogant, narcissistic, or “cocky” in fact loving youself can come from respecting those around you as well.

A major key to self acceptance for me was changing my thinking. Whenever a negative thought would pop into my head I would think of something positive about myself instead.

Try it! If you can’t think of a positive self attribute, find one, “make one up” because once you grow into the habit of positive thinking you will find none of them were actually made up, you are fabulous!

kawaii_smiley_heart_stickers-r98baebd273eb44b0a59e561c91f06d69_v9w0n_8byvr_512.jpgIf I could tell the world one thing, and have them all listen (and believe me), it would be “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE OKAY AS YOU ARE. YOU ARE OKAY AS YOU WANT TO BE.” I witness daily cat calls from the sidewalk to me or another woman walking, comments saying “I wish I was brave enough to wear this” and “I would but do this….but they would think….” and on and on. When it comes to something you love, and I’m talking hobby or clothing item, you should have no fear diving into it. A passion can always compete with a fear, it just takes the confidence and strength to go for it.

Bodies are bodies, skin is skin, we are all one human race. We come in different shapes, sizes, interests, and opinions, but we all have our own unique outlooks on life. When you let someone put you down with their own vision, you trap your individuality in a box until you allow it to come back out, for some people it never does.

I encourage self love, and body love. I encourage embracing every atom and particle you are made up of and I encourge full blast originality, personality, and no apologies for either.

Love yourself, your body, and remember that loving each means keeping each healthy and safe. Rock on with confidence, but don’t lose sight of how you are and how you’re feeling. One of the faster ways back to insecurity is not being honest with yourself. Who likes a liar? Espeically if you’re lying to you…



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