Tilly Baker (@tillybaker) is a rainbow bright fashionista from Australia. KOIQOUISE recently got to ask Tilly a few questions about her rainbow style, her inspirations, and her favorite brands!

Check Out the Interview Below…

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@TillyBaker IG

KQ: Hello Tilly and thank you for coming on the site! You are a bright,

beautiful, and creative individual, what would you say inspires you to be

who you are today?

TB: Wow, Thank you so much!! Like anyone I’m constantly taking

inspiration from the world around me. I mean, the internet is a great

source of inspiration with a constant stream of new and unique

fashion…but I think a big reason I am the way I am today fashion-wise

is that I’ve always been inspired by people’s reactions to my eclectic

sense of fashion. Making other people smile and having strangers

actually say that seeing me pass by brightens their day is the ultimate

inspiration to continue living my life in this bright and out-there way.

KQ: Your sense of style and fashion is amazing! Who are your

favorite brands, shops, and online stores?

TB: I looooove vintage as there’s endless amounts of fabulous threads

to be found, particularly in Melbourne where I live. As far as online

shopping goes, I’m constantly discovering new and independent labels

through Instagram. Recently I’ve stumbled upon an awesome designer

called Bottle Blonde on ASOS Marketplace and another amazing

Melbourne based label called Belair – Saving up for their amazing

creations as we speak!! My fave online store is probably Dollskill as

they stock sooo many of my favourites including Y.R.U and Lazy Oaf.

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@TillyBaker IG

KQ: As well as fashion, you are incredible with makeup! What are

your preferred cosmetics brands/lines?

TB: You’re making me blush!! (Sneaky pun hehe, get it?) The list of

makeup I love is endless! I’m constantly trying new brands but I am a

devoted Limecrime fan. I use their liquid eyeliners on the daily. Jeffree

Star Cosmetics are great for fun lip colours and Sugarpill has really

pigmented eye shadows. As far as base makeup goes, Kat Von D is a

great animal cruelty-free line and it’s consistently good. Oh and glitter is

a makeup staple! ALL the glitter!!

Screen shot 2016-07-24 at 7.05.49 AM.png
@TillyBaker IG

KQ: Looking at your photos they radiate positivity and the colors only

add to that more! Do you find that other people feel the same, and do

you find being so colorful in your lifestyle a source for your own

positivity and happiness?

TB: That means so much to me! I love expressing myself through my

fashion and use of colour, so the fact that it makes people happy or

brightens their day even a little is the ultimate goal for me. I always

encourage people to add colour to their wardrobe. It’s actually

empowering and freeing when you stop caring what people may think

and start dressing for you and like I said before, the positive reception

you receive is an added bonus!! And yes, it totally contributes to my

sense of positivity and happiness! Even on my darkest days I wear

colour and it’s amazing how it can lift your mood and self-image.


KQ: How many different hair color’s would you say you’ve had, and

which was your all time favorite so far?

TB: Hmmm let me think…I’ve been green, blue, pink and purple, yellow

and orange and it’s not nearly enough. I want to go every colour and

every different shade of those colours, so watch this space! My

favourite colour so far as been yellow, which is surprising to some.

People seem pretty afraid of the colour yellow but it’s such a bright,

positive colour and despite a lot of people telling me I wouldn’t be able

to pull it off, I went and rocked it anyway. Yes, there were mixed reviews

BUT I felt fierce which is the most important thing!

Screen shot 2016-07-24 at 7.06.51 AM.png
@TillyBaker IG

KQ: Finally, do you have a final message or any last words for the

readers here at KOIQOUISE?

TBI’d probably just say have a bit of fun with fashion and makeup!

Fashion gives you an opportunity to hit everyone around you in the face

with a ball of your glittery personality and creativity so why not go all out

and show the world who you are. Take it from me, it’s so much fun!

Also: TREAT. YO. SELF. That one is super important.


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