Females in the industry these days range in a variety of beliefs, looks, and messages. A great thing to grasp on to is those who are aiming for greatness, and supporting great causes, or great lifestyles as well. Check out these 5 strong and inspirational female’s to keep your eye on.


A controversial kid, Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith, brother of Jaden Smith) is a girl to become woman to look up to. Many parent’s outside of the media and celebrity status see both Willow and Jaden as bad influences, however their open minded mentality, strides in multiple industries, and ability to stay as low key as their parents in the media is certainly an amazing set of feats.

Willow Smith has made quite the impact. Starting with music, moving into modeling, then on to fashion with confidence, style, and grace. Impressively, at only the age 15 she has conquered the cover of Teen Vouge and even more recently became the ambassador of Chanel. Her first campaign: eyewear.


A beautiful voice, a powerful presence, and an outlook on music that makes her songs all the more incredible. This Grammy nominated and BillBoard charted R&B artist is a blessing to the female musicians across the world. With each new release Janelle aims for a challenge in the music production process. Going past a mainstream and easy to broadcast noise, Janelle never ceases to produce a flawless voice, thought out lyrics, and music with value.

“I feel like I do have a responsibility to the community,” Monáe said. “The music that we create is to help free their minds and, whenever they feel oppressed, to keep them uplifted. We want the music and the vision that we have to be their choice of drug, if you will. So we need a manifesto. If we want to stay on message, we have to believe in what we’re fighting for, and we do.”


Passionate, punk rock, and a little bit kooky, but nonetheless FIERCE. She can be found doing cartwheels or riding a bike down her own runway after her fashion shows. Happy, colorful, and free spirited, Betsy Johnson is truly an amazing woman and fashion designer. After college Betsy Johnson was launched into the industry after winning a contest, and very shortly after landed a job at a magazine’s art department.

“What I tried to do was a combination of dance and art,” she recalls. Johnson says that she settled on fashion designing when “I realized that making clothes is completing what a drawing can’t be—going from two dimensional to reality.”

With 80 stores, 800 accounts, 10 licenses, and 3o years of business, Betsy Johnson is truly incredible!



Stella, the daughter of Beatles member Paul McCartney, is a fashion designer and animal activist! Having achievements such as designing Great Britain’s Olympic Team clothing or having her friends Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell model her clothing right after college, Stella seems to have always been on a fast track to success.

“I was brought up to understand that we are all here on planet Earth together,”

– Stella to The Guardian in a 2009 profile.

In 2014 Stella launched her Stella McCartney Green Carpet Collection. A line of sustainable fashion, furthering her activism into her fashion career. The line was launched at the Royal Institution of Great Britainit used only recycled and sustainably certified materials, meaning it met the highest environmental standards.



Rebel can be seen in movies like Bridesmaids the Pitch Perfect movies as the confident, hilarious, and a little bit quirky female roles. She’s been in many other movies as well as TV shows and other TV events. She is an incredible woman and has a lot about her that makes her a great role model as well. Believe it or not, Rebel attended Law School as a plan B for her acting career, AND in 2015 Rebel did a collaboration with the store Torrid. She launched the line at Torrid with her label “Fat Mandi.”


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