The Trip Control provides clothing that combines symbolism with fashion. Based in London and with high hopes to expand into an environmentally friendly empire, KOIQOUISE got to ask The Trip Control all about their label!

Check Out the Interview Below…

KQ: Hello and welcome to the site! The shop “The Trip Control” is an independently run, London based clothing label. Do you find most of your business country wide or over seas?

TTC: Hey KQ, my last two orders have been to the US and Sweden so I would definitely say they’re mainly over seas. It’s amazing to think some one so far away is wearing The Trip Control.
Screen shot 2016-07-18 at 9.10.18 AM
via. @thetripcontrol Instagram
KQ: I love the shop’s underlying theme of mythology, geometry, and design that contains symbolism throughout. What inspired this idea to represent those areas through The Trip Control label?
TTC: Thanks KQ. I like things out of the ordinary. Things that aren’t brought to your attention through modern day society. So I like subjects that intrigue me, that I can take apart, interpret myself and bring to peoples attention, like astrology and alchemy. A lot of people already wear clothes with love hearts and bunny rabbits on. Why not wear clothes that seek new symbols and shapes on subjects that also mould the universe?
Screen shot 2016-07-18 at 9.10.26 AM.png
via. @thetripcontrol Instagram
KQ: So far the inventory is shirts, vests, and sweatshirts. What can we expect for future Trip Control merchandise?
TTC: Future ideas and dreams is to have a successful, sustainable, fashion empire. Anything your wardrobe desires, you will be able to purchase from The Trip Control, without having a negative impact on the environment. A fashion empire with creativity, originality, ethics and opportunity. FYI our clothes won’t be made out of hemp. It will be a brand full of interesting, black, textured, printed, fabrics to die for. But not literally.
KQ: How long ago did the shop first open?
TTC: I created my online shop www.thetripcontrol.bigcartel.com, while I was at university about 4 years ago.
Screen shot 2016-07-18 at 9.09.38 AM.png
via. @thetripcontrol Instagram
KQ: How long does it usually take to come up with one design for each item?
TTC: Once i’ve done my research, finished a couple sketches and have a good idea what my 4/5 designs should look like. They should take about a day to draw out.
Each design is hand drawn with a pen and ruler. I add some collage in there too, which I also design. I then clean them up on photoshop or illustrator.
KQ: Do you have any message or final words for the viewers at KOIQOUISE?
TTC: I am currently looking for people to join The Trip Control family. Creative individuals who share my ambitions, ethics for The Trip Control and super hard working to make dreams a reality. (fashion designers, clothes makers, pr, marketing and business)
Email me here if you just want to say hello or tell me a bit about yourself ; info@thetripcontrol.com
And here’s a 15% off discount for special KQ readers, just enter the code KQ15 at the checkout (www.thetripcontrol.bigcartel.com

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