Tanya Negin is a bubbly, bright, and creative lady from LA. She has only recently started MUA but is already pulling off impressive looks, and her purple hair is as pretty as her personality! KOIQOUISE got to ask her a few questions.
Check Out the Interview Below…
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(via. @acidfairy_ Instagram)
KQ: Hello Tanya! Welcome to KOIQOUISE, it is awesome to have you here on the site! You live in LA, do you love it, and would you say your style is influenced by your location?
TN: Thank you for having me on here!! I do live in LA, and I do love it, although I wish I could add just a dash of Boston in it. My style is definitely influenced by Los Angeles, in the sense that being here helps you better define your own direction. My style has always been bright, fun, and edgy, but living in LA has helped me find refinement in the style that I’ve always had. You’re surrounded by so many people and so many stories – it’s impossible to not be influenced by that.
KQ: From observation you are a pole dancer, makeup lover, and purple seems to be one of your favorite colors! What other awesome qualities should we know about you?
TN: I currently work in fashion marketing and PR, but I’m actually a musician as well! I spent two years attending Berklee in Boston, and am starting writing again soon after a hiatus that’s long overstayed its welcome. Also, my name translates to “fairy queen” and I have the same birthday as Albert Hofmann (the inventor of LSD), hence the name acidfairy_ (the more you know!). Additionally, my interest and love of makeup have actually come about in the past few months. I used to be so proud of the fact that I didn’t wear makeup, since I used to believe that intelligence and vanity were mutually exclusive, but I’ve come to see it as a form of self-expression, and I love that.
Oh. I also really, really, REALLY love burritos. That’s all.
Screen shot 2016-07-07 at 12.05.13 AM.png
(via. @acidfairy_ Instagram)
KQ: What are a few of your favorite brands/shop and what makes them your favorite?
TN: Some of my favorites are definitely Maude Studio, Discount Universe, and Black Milk. Aside from the fact that they’re all relatively small independent brands, they also have their own unique personalities. All three of them put so much love into their brand and it really shows. I actually just got my first Discount Universe dress and it’s insane to think of someone hand-sewing EVERY single sequin onto that dress, but they did! That’s the coolest thing ever, to me.
KQ: What are your favorite makeup brands and what is the best product from them for you?
TN: My favorite makeup brands are definitely Urban Decay, Artist Couture, Melt Cosmetics, and Colourpop. I’d have to say that my favorites are all the glitter liners and moondust shadows from UD (surprise, surprise haha), Artist Couture’s highlighter (the one I have in Gold Digger is my favorite thing ever), Melt Cosmetics’ neon stack, and just about everything from Colourpop. Basically, I just love any brand that has super bright colors and glitter
KQ: What inspires you everyday?
TN: It’s hard to say. I’m inspired by everything around me, as cheesy as that it is to say. I’m inspired by the people that walk around me in the city that I’ll never get a chance to talk to; I’m inspired by the people I do get a chance to meet; I’m inspired by the sights, smells, and sounds of every day experiences – and usually not my own.
KQ: Lastly, do you have any final words or a message to leave the readers with?
TN: A teacher once told me something that I don’t think I’ll ever forget: “The world does not belong to the young and talented, but the bold and the tenacious.” In other words, take chances, work your ass off, and never, ever give up.

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