Ecco Bella is a cosmetics line with the earth in mind. The brand of beauty products offers you a completely different kind of makeup, with ingredients for quality skin care and makeup looks. Ecco Bella does not test on animals, and for years they have been using a dedicated scientific approach to creating their cosmetics natural and cruelty free.

Screen shot 2016-07-08 at 8.18.44 AM.png


Ecco Bella’s FlowerColor Makeup is their line of cosmetics that are infused with flower wax. And what is flower wax? Well, the same substance that will coat a flower’s pedals and protect them from the elements. According to Ecco Bella, “…[it] can do the same for your beauty in a range of stunning colors and shades.”

Ecco Bella // FlowerColor // Natural Liquid Foundation


Ecco Bella // FlowerColor // Natural Cover Up

Ecco Bella // FlowerColor // FlowerColor Lipstick

Another incredible product from Ecco Bella is their Eau De Parfums. Using smells like lavender or Lemon Verbena, and “…real essential oils from flowers, fruits, herbs, and spices” Ecco Bella promises a long lasting fragrance and seductive, mood altering aromatherapy.

Screen shot 2016-07-08 at 8.43.58 AM

Ecco Bella // Natural Perfume // Intoxicating Aromatherapy



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