The bra is often seen as a necessity day to day for women, but is it really? Can there be severe effects from long-term wear? Is it really a big deal to wear or not to wear one?

Personally, I made the decision to ditch my brassier about 3 months ago and have been very happy and comfortable since. However, it’s always good to look into the information about the pros and cons of doing so before you make a solid decision. So, I present to you just that!

image via: biggerbras.com

The very first thing I believe should be said is:

You do not NEED to wear a bra.

That being said, you CAN, however never was a bra a requirement for survival in day to day life.

The bra is actually not so ancient to society, however breast support can be seen throughout history. The invention of the bra is rather recent dating back to around 1914, and since then there have been studies conducted on the bra, one of which held results that stated, “According to Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon of Besancon CHU,, his 15-year study found that women’s breasts do not benefit “medically, physiologically and anatomically” from being supported in a bra.” (SOURCE) A pretty big con right?

One of the bad sides that can be argued for going bra-less is the visibility of the nipple. Just like any given body feature, some women can be more self-conscious of what is seen and what is hidden. For me, I am a supporter of Free the Nipple, but I am also in solidarity to wearing what makes you comfortable, so to some going bra-less may make them as uncomfortable as it makes me, for example, comfortable.

Jennifer Aniston // Image via. stylecaster.com

One thing to take notice of if you do ditch the bra is the amount of money now available to you that is not longer being thrown at chest support. These days a bra can hit $60.00 and be considered cheap, but what is cheaper than free-boobs? A lot of intricate bras can rack up in price, but only to be seen on you, by you and maybe a few others.

The underwire bra is the main offender when it comes to boob health and putting it at risk. After just 1 year during a study of women leaving their bra’s off, a 7mm raise could be seen in the nipple. So in other words, the underwire was causing the boobs to sag, and even destroying tissue inside the breast itself.

Bra Underwire // Image via. bewellbuzz.com

If you want to decrease health risks, but not ditch the brassier completely, there ARE alternatives that offer both support and conceal the nipple too!

Wireless Bralettes, Sports Bras, and Bandeaus can be just the trick! All shapes, all sizes!

Check them Out Below:

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