Hey everyone!

It’s Lil CVCTVS (lil cactus, for any confused on pronunciation) ♡

Blogging about beauty, fashion, music, art, and even just being an avid viewer of these blogs, can sometimes make you get lost in the flawless looks and incredible skill that they usually consist of. I know I often find I am comparing these beautiful people to myself and forgetting the truths I hold inside, one of which is that no one person is the same. We are all our own versions of ourselves and for that reason alone no one person is truly comparable.

So I wanted to write a list for myself, and for anyone else who may gain from reminding themselves of these things that hold true to us all. That in a world of manipulated media, and so many different levels of self in one entire planet, we are our own person and we should embrace every single part of ourselves!

1. I am beautiful. Anywhere, any outfit, any time.

You are beautiful! If you are comfortable in what you do, in what you wear, and when you wear it, there should be no fear of outside judgement! What others perceive of you and any action regarding so is simply a reflection of who THEY are, not who YOU are!

Dove “Real Beauty” Campaign
2. No one can tell me what to like. No one can tell me what to dislike.

“I hate that dress, why would you want it?” 

If you like something, if you LOVE something, no one has the right to tell you otherwise! Opinion is welcome if invited, and you are in control of who you take advice from as well, but never feel guilty or obligated to like or dislike something because of a “friend” or the masses! A great leader does not follow, but rather goes alone.


3. There is no better compliment then from self, to self.

From experience I can tell you, nothing holds more power over your outlook on life then your inner voice. If you are often putting yourself down in thought, or focusing on the negatives about you, it will become true in your world. Try to pick yourself up when you make a mistake, tell yourself what you like about yourself and your strengths or good qualities! In time you will grow the habit of positive thinking and it will help you out in daily life a ton!


4. If I say I can’t, then I won’t. If I say I can, then I will.

Nothing is impossible, when it comes to defeat we are our own biggest enemies. Nothing can stop you from what you dream of, except yourself. You must believe you can achieve whatever goal it is you have set for yourself and that is the most crucial step to getting it accomplished. Nobody with doubt ever sticks it out.


5. A Smile is the best accessory. 

When you put down the makeup, the accessories, the add-ons, and all that remains is a natural face, your smile can still manage to accomplish what all the outside factors did, and light up your entire face! Never go broke trying to look rich, for example, some days all you may have is a smile and that is okay! Let your smile light your way and don’t let anybody take it down.



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