Meet Jade Sakori! She has an incredible story and is full of talent and strength. Having struggled in life with the conflict that sometimes can arise between family and one’s own sexuality, Jade has come out of the issue an actress and an inspiration.

(ABOVE: Jade, 26, Starring in the Israeli film “Blush”)

Jade landed a role in the movie Blush, which has been described as a perfect role for her given the character’s struggle to cope with the effects of identifying as a lesbian in a world which does not accept the sexuality easily.  The movie Blush also recently got into the LA LGBT film festival, “Outfest” for 2016. Jade’s part in Blush is her first film role, and the movie itself has already won multiple awards and participated in 50+ film festivals! Talk about a great start to Jade’s acting career.

Screen shot 2016-07-05 at 6.04.54 PM.png

When it comes to Jade’s story it is powerful, and a true story of overcoming life’s obstacles no matter how large. Jade’s father, a former member of the Russian mafia, unfortunately met his death early in Jade’s life after committing suicide. Her mother, an uncertain maternal figure in Jade’s life, was never a constant support for Jade either. A full look into what she has been through can be found in the link below:

*the site is in Hebrew, may need translating*


Screen shot 2016-07-05 at 6.10.24 PM.png

You can find Jade…


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