You may or may not have seen this yet, however a trend known as glitter roots is becoming a popular solution to an easy cover up for those grown out roots. By no means is it restricted to those without roots, so all glitter enthusiasts alike are welcome!

The hair works for festivals, dance recitals, Halloween and beyond. However it is not a good daily beauty addition unless you enjoy finding glitter everywhere for the rest of your life!

Top Left to Right: @manicpanicnyc, @robynlohair, @beewaits INSTAGRAM

If you’re loving the style already and eager to get your roots sparkling ASAP, check out the tutorial below for your own DIY Glitter Roots from PopSugar!


The glitter can be your color of choice and brand of choice as well! KOIQOUISE has found a company STARR DUST that sells a variety of glitter colors for a multitude of beauty purposes, including of course, GLITTER ROOTS!

Left to Right: Royal Blue, Magenta, Green // Holographic Glitter


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