Kyra Wilchuck is the beautiful woman behind the Etsy shop KyraxMade. Her incredible dream catcher halter tops and other amazing hand made designs are perfect from Coachella fashion to a beach or nature set Photoshoot. KOIQOUISE got to ask Kyra a few questions about the shop, the items, and her process.

Check Out the Interview Below…

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@kyramade Instagram

KQ: Hello Kyra and welcome to KOIQOUISE! The first question is what inspired the idea of your dream-catcher halter top designs?

KW: Hey KOIQOUISE, thank you for having me on here, I am honoured! 🙂 Well, I have been incorporating dreamcatchers into my work for a while now.

The idea came to me first in 2010 when I started designing my high school graduation gown with a dreamcatcher open back. The first dream catcher top honestly happened because I was thinking of ways to use up a dusty pink suede that I had bought and had no clue what to do with, so the idea for the halter tops naturally formed. In my work I really love the clothes and human body to work together, so I saw some boobs and (probably) was like a dreamcatcher would fit perfectly right in that cleavage. It was funny because I actually made the first one the very beginning of 2015 but completely disregarded it and didn’t realize how much people would love them hehe. 🙂

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@kyramade Instagram

KQ: In your work what would you say is the hardest material you work with?

KW: All of them lmao. As time goes on I have definitely been learning what I prefer to work with and the materials that I should just all together avoid to save myself the anger. Sometimes there’s just no option though, when I find a crazy material I just suck it up. When the artist demon takes over my body it isn’t really sewing anymore, it just becomes the tool to get what I envision done. I’m not a seamstress, this just happens to be my medium and one of the only art forms i can get deep enough creatively. I have broken hundreds of needles trying to shove household materials through my machine lmao. I tend to try to stay away from knits or chiffon or anything I have to hem because secretly I don’t actually know how to sew hahah.

KQ: You are also a model, and your photographs are stunning! Who’s your favorite photographer been to shoot with and why?

KW: wow thank you so much 🙂 honestly I haven’t really worked with many photographers until recently, most of my photos were self portraits or someone conveniently there or a family member (my brother @lionpups is quite good at photography). I have been meeting soooo many beautiful people since I have started selling my clothes, and currently starting to collab with so many talents. Like Rachel Dashae (@RachelDashae) just happened to be passing through Edmonton the other day and I had the pleasure of working with her (I got her to model a few things for me because how could I resist, the beauty is real). She was so easy to work with and just such a good energy to be around. So far one of my fave photographers to work w has easily been Kelsey Mcmillan (@northofnearby) because it was just so natural to work w her, felt like we were so in tune about everything. She also really directed me in what to do with my face, hands, arms, posture, everything, which I find soo important since I am so used to taking photos by myself – what I think would look good in my head may not actually look good in the camera. We road tripped down to drumheller and got pretty creative, it was such good vibes! I actually grew up just down the road from her but didn’t really get to know her until now. Such a sweet human being! That’s probably one of my favorite parts about doing this, attracting all of the beautiful souls, and other artists into my life!

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@kyramade Instagram

KQ: You have an etsy shop called KyraMade where people can find all that you make that’s able to buy. What is the best selling item at your shop?

KW: Definitely the halter tops and swim halter tops with the dream catcher middle! Which is just the best possible situation because sometimes it is so hard selling some of my clothes, you know, they’re like, mine lmao. Made literally for me. But on the other hand I love making people feel beautiful and special so the halter tops are something so easy for me to put love into while making them. I think of how beautiful my customer is going to look in it and hopefully it makes them happy. 🙂

KQ: In one of your Instagram pictures you are in a dress with a sun on it, and mention in the caption that it is an older KyraMade. How long did it take you to make that masterpiece, and are pieces like that usually challenging to make?

KW: Ah the sun and moon dress, classic KyraMade! From what I remember that one didn’t actually take me that long, I think it was just one of those pieces that just effortlessly turned out exactly how I had it in my mind. And it actually probably only took me about 4 hours. Some projects take me embarrassing amounts of time, mostly because I have to redo them. I am a perfectionist, so a lot of the things I make have been redone 2 or 3 times until they look exactly how I picture them to or better! I have just accepted this as my creative process so it isn’t as challenging or frustrating as before. There is no better feeling than when a project just goes smoothly and works out the first time, some of the simplest pieces I have made are my favorite just because of the fact I didn’t have to break both my legs making it.

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@kyramade Instagram

KQ: Last but of course not least, do you have any words for the viewers at KOIQOUISE?

KW: Accept your art form. We are all artists in completely different ways. Accept your individually, never try to fit into something that someone else does. Go as deep as possible. Don’t “inspire yourself” by others in the form of copying, you will only get deep enough by looking within. Have new thoughts, new ideas – the world needs your ideas. 🙂 because we are all part of the collective consciousness where no ideas and thoughts are actually NEW, we always know. But our world needs those thoughts to move on in our evolution. Basically, strive to accept your most authentic self everyday, in everything you do. You’re all freaking beautiful, you don’t even understand what YOU mean to the world. I want you to truly see it. 🙂


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