Say hello to Baby Tap! He’s a rapper as well as a digital sound artist and producer from London. His unique style combined with an equally unique sound is something that will catch your eyes and your ears. KOIQOUISE has been lucky enough to interview Baby Tap!

Check out the Interview Below…

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Photo: Denise Collins // @baby_tap Instagram

KQ: Welcome Baby Tap to KOIQOUISE! It’s super exciting to have you here, so let’s start with the typical first question. How old are you?

BT: Hi! I’m happy to be here! I’m 27 years old.

KQ: The way that you look is more detailed than the average person’s daily outfit. What gives you the inspiration or ideas that come along with your awesome appearance?

BT: Haha, thanks! I guess the core of my inspiration for fashion comes from the 80’s and 90’s – especially goth, punk & industrial styles.
I’m influenced by the futuristic fashion that the internet kids and underground club kids are repping around the world at the moment. I don’t think my style is anything special, really!

You know, I guess I’m just a product of what I grew up with. Video games, TV shows, weird music from around the world when the internet started to be a thing.. It all inspired me and shaped how I adorn myself, but I appreciate and respect things, people and ideas, that are new or interesting, refreshing or different.

I appreciate simplicity but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable in a jumper and pair of jeans with a smart jacket with ‘boyish’ colours. I would feel so gross, I have to just rep what I like!

I am an artist, and I like to treat myself accordingly. I try not to take it that seriously, I mean it’s just an aesthetic – it doesn’t have to really mean anything, but your outfit and style can be used as a form of self – expression, and I guess I find it fun to experiment with the boundaries of street-wear and the reactions of people. I mean, some people are so scared to make eye contact in this city and I like to break ice.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 5.52.29 PM.png
BabyTap performing on TV in France // @baby_tap Instagram

KQ: Your music can be seen by certain audiences as offensive, what do you wanna say to its defense, or even just to the critics?

BT: My messages are never hateful.

Yeah, I might take the piss out of a specific situation but I’m not going to be scared to voice my opinion on things that I think are off.

I think it’s that I’m being crass about things. I like to be crass because I have a crude and dark sense of humour. Like what are people scared of? If I sing about something sexual or use bad words, I’m either, taking the piss and having a laugh or saying something personal that might be weird, but it is what it is!

You could say it’s the style of what I do too. I’m a noise artist, I grew up with a wide range of musical influences and I like to really mix things up. I like to make music that excites the ear with a blast of different frequencies, I like to be messy, I like to break the rules on music production and the same goes for my lyrics. I’m just messing around, the whole thing is about fun and expression. It’s supposed to be aggressive. I definitely channel rage in my music – it’s my outlet. I’m just being me, and people don’t get it sometimes. I sing about real issues and real feelings. I guess if people are offended, then that’s their problem.

KQ: When listening to your music your lyrics are very free. They express free thought, free speech, and free creativity. Is there a reason or message behind your music?

BT: Yeah! That’s the whole point of my music and art. I accept life is weird and confusing for us all, yet people are scared to be open because they are scared that other people will judge them. The reason I make music is to get everything off my chest and give me some form of escapism from real life drudgery and bullshit. Don’t get me wrong, I love life. I just think society is kinda crazy and so I’m responding but I like to story-tell too. It’s just the musings of my brain, my diary, I just like to be abstract about things because I find it fun to play with words and rhythm. I’m really serious about making music, I love doing it with my whole heart, but it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 5.53.53 PM.png
@baby_tap Instagram

KQ: What is your favorite song of yours that you have ever made so far?

BT: Ooh, so I have a new album coming out and I think it’s my best music to date, however… There is a song called ‘The 1/4 Zone’ on my first album that I have a connection with. The song is about being a habitant of an alien planet, far, far away. There are many caves on the mountainous and dark terrains, caves that are bursting with stalagmites and stalagtites of the most lumiscent colour and vivid vibrancy! I wanted the synths to sound like the ringing in these crystal caves. When I was in a cave, my foresight looked down upon the earth, from a great distance, and I thought, ‘what the FUCK are people doing?! The humans are insane and they are destroying the planet so quickly!’

That’s why the choruses are so abrupt and crashing. It’s so painful to see such devastation of natural beauty and resource. I mean, it’s true though isn’t it?! Its a MAJOR issue.

KQ: Last but not least! What are a few words you have for the viewers at Crystal Cactus?

BT: Support each other, be kind to yourselves, and express yourselves however you find fit!

Don’t believe the news either. Hee hee!!! I send you love ❤



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