Meet Ashleigh Clements! On Instagram she is @PastelPegasus, and she is an incredibly creative and talented MUA and body paint artist. KOIQOUISE was fortunate enough to ask her a few questions!

Check Out the Interview Below…

@PastelPegasus Instagram

CC: Hello Ashleigh, and welcome to KOIQOUISE! How long have you been doing/practicing makeup art?

AC: I’ve been in the industry for 6 years now. I studied makeup artistry at a young age, fell in love with it and have been working within the industry, in some way or another, ever since. I’ve been sharing my work on social media for the past two years. 

CC: The collection of makeup looks you have available on your Instagram are incredibly creative, each piece being its own work of art. How long do these usually take?

AC: Thank you! It depends on the amount of detail each look requires, but generally it takes me about 1 and a half to two hours for each piece to complete.

CC: Your face painting/face makeup pieces extend down to the chest in certain looks, what do you think is the most creative chest art you’ve ever done?

AC: That’s a hard one! Probably one of the most intricate and creative chest pieces I’ve done was a a big Victorian-style necklace that went along with a Vampiress look I did over a year ago. And any time that I’m painting on ‘clothes’ always takes some extra effort and creativity!

CC: You are incredible with special affects as well! Have you gone to school for this, or are you a self taught special effects MUA?

AC: It was very lightly touched on during my time at makeup school, but I’m mostly self taught when it comes to SFX. I don’t believe you ever stop learning! I still feel very new to the world of special effects and I have a lot of respect for artists that concentrate purely on that aspect of makeup artistry. There’s a lot of work involved.

@PastelPegasus Instagram

CC: Who are the makeup artists that inspire you, and what are your favorite cosmetic brands to use?

AC: With the world of social media these days, I’m lucky enough to be able to check in to Instagram every day and be swarmed with an amazing array of artists sharing their work. That is always so inspiring. But I also really love artists such as Pat McGrath and Alex Box.

As for my favorite brands – there are so many! I absolutely adore Mehron, Sugarpill, Makeup Geek & Too Faced, just to name a few.

CC: Last, but not least, do you have any words for the viewers at KOIQOUISE?

AC: Pursue your dreams, work your butt off to make them happen! And always make sure your eyeshadow is blended!😉


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