You’ve most likely seen or heard of the online store shopjeen.com. The site has a strong social media and internet presence, capturing the attention of American teenage girls and beyond. At the head of Shop Jeen is creator Erin Yogasundram.

Erin is in her mid-20’s and setting an example for young females who are interested in getting involved in the clothing sales industry. Her success has been a platform for young women in the same style to gain inspiration as well as find their new favorite closet additions.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 5.27.49 PM.png
My Fav Type Men Duvet Set // ShopJeen.com

The website itself is a 90’s and cyber lover’s paradise. There are usually sales happening as new items are being released simultaneously, and the site even shows you everytime someone has made a purchase. Shop JEEN is packed full with items for the expressive and unique. You can find a variety of products from phone cases, to clothing, to boob pin sets.

Shop JEEN, being run by a younger head of business, has hit its fair share of road bumps from customer service to financial issues. However, the site remains active as ever and so far seems to be able to recover from these mishaps.

Recently, Shop JEEN laid off a majority of employees and headed from NY to LA to kick off the newer brand called Netgear90.


Hopefully Netgear90 will be to Shop JEEN as the iPhone 6s was to the iPhone, just as quality with less inner working “bugs”.

Screen shot 2016-06-23 at 5.29.18 PM.png
Being Sad is Ok Phone Case // ShopJeen.com

Shop JEEN as well as Netgear90 is worth checking out on any of their multiple site locations…




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